Sequencing dotcom with Puredata

In this video, I'm using Puredata (Pd) to sequence a analog modular system.

First jam with Atomo Mochika

I bought this Mochika synth from Peru. It's a cool noise machine with lots of blinking leds.

Modular Jam

Jam with modular synth and theremin. Audio sync and keyboard playing sucks.

Mobius and Dotcom, Round #2

FutureRetro Mobius sequencer controlling modular, Electrix Filter Factory (used as an oscillator), and Yamaha E1010 analog delay.


One-hand tweakformance using a Nord Modular G2, Korg ER-1, Emu MP-7, and Boss DR-770.

Korg Jam

Jam with Korg ER-1 and ES-1 electribes and Korg MS2000R synthesizer

Mobius sequencing dotcom

Minimalist demonstration of a FutureRetro Mobius sequencer controlling a modular synth


Live home performance with Nord Modular G2, modular, Korg ER-1, and Emu MP-7